HowTo: My First Policy


Consider a scenario where a supermarket chain called HyperM controls how it sells items in a policy-based manner. Each time an item is processed by HyperM's point-of-sale (PoS) system an event is generated and published about that item of stock being sold. This event can then be used to update stock levels, etc..

HyperM want to extend this approach to allow some checks to be performed before the sale can be completed. This can be achieved by requesting a policy-controlled decision as each item is processed by for sale by each PoS system. The decision process is integrated with HyperM's other IT systems that manage stock control, sourcing and purchasing, personnel systems, etc.

In this document we will show how APEX and APEX Policies can be used to achieve this, starting with a simple policy, building up to more complicated policy that demonstrates the features of APEX.